The Best Choices For Amusement Rentals In Scottsdale

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Any company picnic or any type of carnivals can become an unforgettable experience for all and sundry with the right choice of amusement rentals in Scottsdale. Every event calls for certain types of activities. Carnivals for kids require activities such as inflatable games and the likes. A company picnic should ideally have some hard rides as amusement rentals in Scottsdale. Also, if a company picnic involves the families and kids come along then there has to be a blend of sports, slides and hard rides in the list of amusement rentals in Scottsdale. The eventual objective is to keep everyone enticed, engaged and all and sundry should have some indelible fun. Only then would the choices of amusement rentals in Scottsdale be worth it. For carnivals or a company picnic, some of the best choices are Jacob’s Ladder Climb, Spinning Barrel Ride, Double Orbitron, Up Roar, Double 14′ Hi Striker, Spinning Teddy, The Eliminator, Swing Ride, Vortex Tunnel, Red White & Blue Mechanical Bull, Spinning Berry Ride, Quad Bungee Trampoline, Climbing Wall and Kids Ferris Wheel among others. Hiring all these amusement rentals in Scottsdale for a single event may not be feasible unless it is one of those large carnivals being hosted for many days for an entire area or town. For a company picnic, choosing a few among the aforementioned would do the trick. While making a choice or a list of amusement rentals in Scottsdale, you should look out for variance. It is important that you have some versatility at your company picnic or carnivals. For instance, having three types of slides wouldn’t be very rewarding or happening. Instead, if you opt for one slide, one hard ride and have a few sporting activities in the form of inflatable games or otherwise then you will have an ideal combo. A company picnic would usually have colleagues and their families who know each other. Many would have become friends having known others for a while. Carnivals are also likely to have different groups of kids and adults. It can be very rewarding if you can hire some amusement rentals in Scottsdale that engage the people in teams. For instance, you can go for Ladder Climb, Throne for Photo Ops, Touchdown Dive, Cow Milking Contest, Jumbo Darts, Mechanical Bull (competitive sessions), Gladiator Arena, Shocking Laser Tag Quick Draw and Jumbo Trykes among others....

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Cool off With Inflatable Water Slides from Party Professionals in Phoenix

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What’s the best way to cool off on a hot summer day in Phoenix? Call Party Professionals and rent one of their fantastic inflatable water slides! They’re great for kids and adults! And our water slides are safe….and clean! No dirty pools at the bottom of our slides. But don’t stop there….we offer other fantastic water activities too! Like the dunk tank or our paddle boats. Visit our website for our great water activity ideas…...

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Best Choices For Inflatable Rentals In Phoenix Arizona

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When it comes to inflatable rentals, Phoenix residents love to explore the unexplored. Any type of event, whether it is school carnivals or an annual corporate retreat, demands some entertaining activities. Having fun is the ultimate objective of any joyous event and to make such an event a success, you cannot do away with inflatable games in AZ. The choice for inflatable rentals in Phoenix would certainly depend on the type of event you are organizing. School carnivals would demand some slides, sports or games, some obstacle courses and a few fun inflatable games in AZ for the kids to explore. Your choice would also be dependent on the age group of the kids attending the school carnivals. Likewise, if you are organizing a corporate event or one where kids and adults would be equally focused, then you have to get a little more adventurous with your choice of inflatable rentals. For school carnivals, there are numerous choices at your discretion. Water activities are a favorite type of inflatable rides for Arizona Residents.  Sometimes you need something really special to beat the heat. You can choose from a Kids Scrub, 4 Man Water Balloon Battle, 18′ Slip N Slide Combo, Wave Slide, Patriotic Slide, Arch Slip and Slide, Dunk Tank, Gauntlet, Rip Curl, Rub A Dub Slip N Slide, Triple Slide, Tropical Slide, 15′ Water Slide, Wild Rapids, Down Pour Derby, Water Roulette, Paddle Boats and Kids Scrub Water Slide Plus Foam. Slides would certainly have to be a part of inflatable rentals in Phoenix if school carnivals are being planned. You can choose from Extreme Slide, 35′ Double Extreme Jr. Slide, 33′ Double Race Car Slide, 33′ Double Wave of Fire Slide, 33′ Double Beach Slide, 18′ Triple Slide, 24′ Cars Double Slide, 18′ Rip Curl Bump Slide, 22′ Double Slide, 18′ Slide, Kids Fun Slide, Wild Rapids Water Slide, Shark Slide and Tropical Slide. There are various sports inflatable games AZ event planners can use for school carnivals such as 8′ Dart Bard, Baseball Smash, Basketball Challenge, Field Goal Kick, Helmet Baseball Pitch, Human Bowling, Mini Golf Table Top or Ground, Table Top Billiards Golf or On the Floor 9 holes, QB Blitz, Sneaker Basketball, Three Sports, Touch Down Dive and Football Obstacle Course. There are obstacle courses, zorb balls, bounces and many other games for school carnivals. With the right kind of planning, you can choose the best inflatable rentals in Phoenix that will guarantee a successful event....

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Rent a Mechanical Bull for Your Company Picnic in Phoenix

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Are you planning a company picnic or corporate event in Arizona? You can’t go wrong with the Mechanical Bull. It’s a hit wherever it goes! The perfect company picnic always includes Inflatables, Dunk Tanks and a Carnival Midway. If you want to offer your guests a mind blowing experience…make sure to include our Vortex Tunnel! Visit our website for our great company picnic attractions…...

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Outdoor Laser Tag in Arizona

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  Party Professionals Mobile Outdoor Laser Tag is the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure. Check out the excitement as participants of all ages try to beat their opponents. Our laser tag is great for any type of event and fun for individuals as well as for teambuilding. For more info:...

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Rent a Mechanical bull in Phoenix for a Spectacular Event

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Attention grabbing invitations need more than a theme. With the current days of video entertainment it actually takes something special to generate real excitement for events. While it’s possible to rent a fountain or hire caterers, having a draw in the form of unique amusements offers a special element to any type of a party. By renting a mechanical bull in Phoenix,  any party or event transcends the ordinary and will stand out no matter what competition it faces. At certain times of the year parties, events and celebrations vie for attention and attendance. Party rentals are part of any smart event planning discussion. Remembering to intermix passive and active rentals is the best plan when deciding on what will hold interest, and give everyone attending a chance to have a great time. Carnival ride rentals as part of the event planning strategy not only ensure a good time, it will keep everyone who attends talking about your event for a long time. Mechanical Bull Riding is one of the most memorable carnival ride rentals available. This is the ride that young people and adults have probably either tried and enjoyed, or have seen and always wanted to try. The available mechanical bulls in Phoenix range from the simple to those with added extras for more excitement and fun. Innovations to the basic design of mechanical bulls make them safer with less need to make arrangements for guests to have a soft landing, as long as the newly designed bulls with safety inflatables keep them off the ground. While in the past some older equipment had only very basic safety features, guests and event goers can have a very safe time while enjoying the experience of bull riding. Party Professionals Mechanical Rodeo Bull, for example brings everyone attending a wild west adventure the opportunity to safely try a ride that might have been more dangerous in years past.  Party Professional’s mechanical bull comes with a trained operator who understands how to offer an exciting ride but still follow rules of safety.  Multiple speeds give a rider a thrill, but without the risks of older hydraulic rides. Of course, having a mechanical bull at your event offers the opportunity to add a lot of other western games and rides.  You’ll want to check out the Party Professionals website to pick up some great themed rides that will work well with your mechanical bucking machine. Planning ahead to rent a mechanical bull in Phoenix helps to ensure attendance and a safe, fun time for everyone.  Give the experts at Party Professionals a call or visit their website at to plan your next exciting...

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Phoenix Corporate Events are Better with Party Professionals

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Plan you next event the easy way with a quick call to Party Professionals. As the absolute experts in Entertainment, they will have everything you need from catering to carnival rides. Check out some of our great games & rides!

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Tips for Choosing the Best Water Slides for Rent in Phoenix

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It’s hot. No one in Phoenix, Arizona will say that summers aren’t meant for water fun. Finding the right selection of water slide rentals does require some thought. After all, no matter the occasion the guests attending need to have cool, safe water fun. Water slides for rent in Phoenix will make the party goers happy, and parents will get a respite from bored, overheated youngsters. When you want to rent a water slide for a party this isn’t the item to leave to the last on the list. Often the slide will be the main attraction at the party site, so contacting the party equipment rental company ahead of time to find out your options is a move toward ensuring you will have what kids and adults will want most. Popular slides with children and teens are large and colorful, which is good since often parents will want to take a trip through a slide as well. Safety is an important consideration when looking at water slide rentals. No matter what equipment is used for a party that involves children, and even those parties without any extras, when there are a number of youngsters running around there’s a possibility of someone getting hurt. Water slides should be in good repair and set up by a company who understands that safety should always come first. One issue that many who have gone about renting a water slide complain about is the placement of a pool of water at the bottom of the slide. This pool naturally becomes dirty, and as the children will let you know “gross”, with floating leaves, dirt, and grim. For the kids there’s nothing like ending the exhilaration of a cool slide down ending with the realization they are about to be ducked in a disgusting pool of dirty water. For adults the over all safety of this placement is a concern since the pool poses not only a sanitary problem, but also an unnecessary drowning risk. Children under the age of five especially are at the greatest risk of drowning even in shallow water according to the Centers for Disease Control. Check to see colorful , exciting rentals that don’t spoil the fun with a pool at the bottom. Water slides for rent in Phoenix should be fun, safe, and offer everyone a chance to cool off while having a great time. Find the best water slides for rent in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona the easy way.  Just visit the experts at

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Arizona Carnival Rides Aren’t Just for Carnivals

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“Awesome” is the word you want used to describe the event you are planning. Planning for a event like a block party, school carnival, or a charity fund raiser is hard work, but it can be fun if you use your imagination and look for affordable, but unexpected avenues of entertainment. One risk to avoid is loading an event with passive activities like booths, food tables, and entertainers. Having some action rides like those found in carnivals in Arizona isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think and will give your event that “awesome” description you’re hoping to hear from those attending. Taking a tour through Arizona carnival rides might seem a little intimidating, but if you break down your space and age requirements you will easily find fine rides that are unique and offer a form of safe excitement that will draw enthusiastic crowds. These are referred to as “hard rides”, and renting them for any event is relativity simple. Either visit a few carnivals in Arizona or choose the easy way and visit for ideas. The type of rides you are looking for will depend on the attendees you are expecting, and the space you have available. The school benefit or carnival for example would draw crowds with the Up Roar, an exciting ride that kids love, and even adults can’t resist. This particular ride would not take up much more space than a playground carousel, but it offers far more in excitement. In the lines for Arizona carnival rides you will spot teens and adults looking for some extra thrills. Hard rides for rental like Quad Bungee Trampoline don’t require so much room they will crowd out other activities, but this ride combining the fun of bungee jumping with a trampoline gives four riders at a time a chance for real exciting entertainment. The same is true of the climbing wall, which teens and young adults can’t resist. Arizona carnival rides at your next event require less planning than a typical booth, and are also a better use of funds considering the amount of attention hard rides receive from event goers. Even smaller swing rides for small children are hits when it comes to keeping crowds moving and families enjoying the event. Taking the awesome step above the usual booths and games makes everything from a company picnic to a family reunion very special. For more information on getting a carnival ride for your event in Arizona, go straight to the experts!  Party Professionals has been planning excellent carnivals for over 20 years!      ...

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Paddleboats from Party Professionals is the BEST Way to Cool Down on a Hot Summer Day!

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Party Professionals has a great new way to cool off on a hot summer day in Arizona. Check out our Paddle Boats. Everyone will love...

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