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Human Bowling

As we head into spring, many thoughts tend to be about planning the perfect post prom or grad night party.  And everyone at Party Professionals believes that an Arizona Post Prom or Grad Night Event should be something remembered for a life time!

Giant Inflatable Throne

Giant Inflatable Throne

The difficult in planning these type events is that almost every year it’s a new parent trying to learn the best way to have a fantastic party and still fit within a budget.  Very few parents are comfortable assuming the role of the party planner for the biggest event of the year, but the ones who find themselves in this position, never-the-less want to plan a night worthy of the students themselves.

If the parents are lucky, they’re chosen to plan this event early in the year, which gives them time to work with a specific budget and learn as they go.  However, that’s not always the case.

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Sumo Wrestling

As we roll into spring, we receive almost daily from parents who just now had the task handed to them and aren’t sure where to turn.

Whether your school has been planning your post prom/grad night all year, or whether the planning has been dropped in someones lap, Party Professionals is the answer to every question.

We have over 25 years experience planning post proms and project graduations in Arizona.  There isn’t a budget that we haven’t worked with and we’ve pulled more events together on short notice than we care to remember.

The best way to plan these events is to start at the end of the previous year.  This gives your school time to raise funds to get the unique items that the students love.

Monkey Motion Bungee Trampoline

Monkey Motion Bungee Trampoline

And, of course, the early birds get their choice of the most exciting entertainment items we have to offer.  That’s not to say that we don’t have some great items for last minute planning, but it’s always fun to have first choice.

If you’re the post prom/grad night planner for your school this year, give us a call early.  We can walk you through each step in planning this night to remember.  Make sure to ask questions.  You want a party rental company that’s fully insured, has well trained employees and knows what you need for that perfect night!

One call can take care of all your stress.  Call Party Professionals for the BEST of Arizona Post Proms & Graduation Events.