United Way Events

United Way Fundraiser PhoenixArizona United Way Fundraising is a big part of most community activities.  Whether you are a corporation or a community event organizer, it is sometimes a challenge to put on a fundraiser that is as successful as you hope it will be.  And Party Professionals is all about putting the “fun” back into fundraising.

There are all kinds of events that can support United Way.  To get the best results, you’ll want to try different types of events.

Here are a few suggestions that are popular at any type of event.

  • Dunk Tank – Set up a dunk tank in the parking lot. Have executives take turns on the “hot seat.” Charge 1.00 per try
  • Office Olympics – Set up an obstacle course in the lunchroom if you have space….or outdoors.  Challenge teams to compete with each other.  The teams pay and entry fee and the winning team gets a prize.
  • Giant Tricycle Races…set up a challenge between departments.  This can be held over a lunch hour.  Winning department gets a pizza party.
  • Company Picnic / United Way Event – Why not make your company picnic a United Way event? Invite United Way partners to set up booths and ask their representatives to speak to your group. Do fundraising activities throughout the day.

There are more ways to support United Way than we can mention here.  Whether you’re hosting a kick off party or a themed event, Party Professionals has it all.  Planning a Western themed event for your fundraiser?  Don’t forget the mechanical bull!

Want to try something really unique?  Plan a full scale United Way carnival, complete with carnival games and rides.

United Way Fundraising

So, whether it’s a lunch time activity or a weekend event, let Party Professionals give you the tools to make things spectacular.  We know how important United Way is to the community…and we’re here to help!